Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Big house contestants crying for the winning moment

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8’s legit game has begun. The contestants have already completed the 2nd day of the game. Big Boss contestants at Sakhat Josh at the start are doing the tasks so vigorously.

The house captain held the first day, and this time, Bro Gowda was chosen as the first captain of the Bigg Boss house. Besides, the nomination process has also begun, which has caused some people’s anger by nominating direct competitors.

Here is another promo release from Bigg Boss. Big house competitors are holding the title they won. Remember the old days, the difficult days, and crying.

Actress Shubha Poonja had shared the moment when she won the award for Best Actress in Cinema. She laughed at them, saying: “I haven’t got one since the award.

Actress Chandrakala Mohan had won the award and felt that she would not be honored when she won the award. If you want to know what Chandrakala’s tearful story was at the time, today’s episode is a must-watch.

Actress Geeta is also excited about winning her first award. The promo, which is currently being released, only reveals the three contestants’ excitement and excitement winning the award. The rest of the contestants have to wait until evening to see if they can share the award-winning memory.


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