Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results: Swathi Deekshit talks about her salary and Gangavva’s health

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Swathi Elimination

Third Week Devi in ​​Bigg Boss House Fourth Week Swati Eliminations are controversial. Allegedly deliberately eliminated rather than according to voting. However, Swati Deekshit says that she did not get screen space. It is not true that she was sent from Bigg Boss House as I was not entertained. She was happy to telecast at least 50 per cent of her performance but did not show even 5 per cent. On this occasion, how are the conditions in the house. How much remuneration was given to her, Swati Deekshit gave clarity on the health condition and so on.

Gangavva First Week was very active. But after that they became very dull. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. She says she can’t sleep because she’s being held captive. Send me out. Gangawwa is chanting ‘Baboy’ .. Leaving her and eliminating those who did not expect.

In addition to her health problems. She has no age group. Everyone in the house is a young batch. She lived among men and farms. What physical activities are not able to do,

Bigg Boss script What is not .. Elimination is not known by what calculation. When Big Boss called me I just wondered how useful it would be .. never thought of who was in the house. But a lot of people have texted me .. there is someone they don’t know anyone .. they said why are you going .. but I went to play my game. Compared to all of the previous seasons, this season has taken on less popular ones.

My name was Deekshit at the end and people thought I was not a Telugu girl .. I went to Bigg Boss to say that I was a Telugu girl. Most people in the week knew that I was a Telugu girl.

Remuneration for a movie has been taken for these ten days .. I have been given more remuneration than anyone else .. I am buying villas .. but .. there is no scene where villas are bought. I did not think for money .. I thought it would come as much. “Especially I went with the intention of becoming famous unknown to the people,” said Swati Deekshit.


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