Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th October Balaji Murugadoss emotional speech and housemates fight

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th October 2020

A collection of events from the fifth day of Bigg Boss 4 season.

Cooking Team Rekha – Sanam Shetty fight

The problem has been with the Bigg Boss 4 home cooking team since the first week. He left the cooking team due to a problem with Anita. After that a fight is currently erupting between Sanam Shetty and Rekha.

Sanam Shetty was fighting over how to put Rekha rice and lentils without asking himself. At that time Ramya Pandian was the panchayat for the problem between them.

Rekha has categorically stated that I do not like to fight. But Sanam Shetty is not leaving. The big debate about this continued.

Anita has more costumes

Suresh Chakraborty, who was nearby at the time, spoke angrily to Ramya Pandian, saying, “Let the three of you step together like this. Look at the beggar. One more (Anita) will open. If that happens, the place will be paralyzed.

Suresh Chakraborty – Body Problem

A bedroom in the house is locked so all the male contestants are just lying outside. Bigg Boss invites Rio to the confession room and tells him to put Suresh Chakraborty to bed because he is not feeling well. After that Aranthangi Nisha asks Suresh Chakraborty to sleep in her bed. Suresh, who refuses at first, goes inside and sleeps in the bed at the insistence of some of the other contestants.

Som Shekar – Stuttering Problem
Competitor Som Shekar spoke about his trajectory. He says he had a stuttering mouth from a young age. Other contestants said they did not know how clean the day was after hearing it.

He also sang a song saying that he would get a rap movie. Surprised to hear it, the other contestants complimented him.

Ramya Pandian Story
Ramya Pandian spoke about the events of her life. “My father died of ill health while in college. He is a film director. After that I used to buy pocket money of 2500 rupees a month from my uncle. At one point he was also in financial trouble. I was still guilty of taking money from him so I could work part time. I went. The first thing I did was give the phamplet in front of the Satyam Theater. ”

“Then my sister went to a photoshoot because she was a costume designer. Then they took some photos saying that my face would be right for the photo. Then came the photo opportunity. I left the work I was doing and went for it, but the second day the heroine changed. I was shocked. After that the Joker starred in the film and it won two national awards.

Then came the current Bigg Boss opportunity. Ramya Pandian said she agreed even though others said no.

Aajeedh – Story
Singer Aajeedh talks eloquently about his career as a Super Singer at the age of 10. He was proud of his mother for his support and retaliated against those who spoke disparagingly of him.

Balaji Murugadoss Tears – Drug Addicted Parents

Balaji Murugadoss spoke in tears about the path he had traversed.

I am jealous of all the other competitors. I have longed for a good family since childhood. My parents enrolled me in school and never even came to the parents-teachers meeting.

I myself get up every morning and take a shower and go to school early. I will eat porridge in the morning and leave. Lunch never comes, it’s like a lottery for me. Even lunch for me is what others will occasionally buy.

Dad is addicted to alcohol, gets drunk and beats his children. Dad would stand intoxicated with a gas tube in his hand if he woke up at night to find out what a sudden headache was while he was asleep. Beats without knowing why.

Mom also had a drug habit. Dad – Mom will both get drunk and fall asleep. There won’t even be food. As I was reading 12th, my father tore the book. I ended up in anger. Then he hit me with dosa tawa is the only scar on my face right now.

“Then I joined gym, put on 6 packs and then worked hard to win the Mr. India match,” said crying.

4 more people on the nomination list
Of the 8 people who spoke in the second phase, 4 were said to have been selected as ineligible to stay in the Big Boss house. Aajeedh, Suresh, Ramya and Shivani were selected from the nomination list.

Also on the list are Samyukta, Rekha, Gabriela and Sanam Shetty, who have already been selected. Only those 8 can be nominated by the contestants next week.

Singer Velmurugan sang a song about his mother and Anita Sampath started crying when she heard it. Other contestants tried to persuade her.


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